Meat Cooking Times – iPhone and Android

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Meat Cooking Times – iPhone and Android

Meat Cooking Times is a utility app which can be used to calculate the length of time to roast meat in an oven.

Meat Cooking Times - Limbo Hippo Software

Please note that the times calculated by this app are for guidance only.  Cooking times may vary according to the oven used.

Use this app by entering the weight of the meat (metric or imperial), selecting the type of meat and then pressing the “calculate” button.  The total cooking time in hours and minutes, recommended cooking temperature and recommended internal temperature are then displayed.

The maximum allowed weight is 10kg or 22lb.

Currently supported types of meat are:

  • Beef – rare, medium, well done, brisket
  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Goose
  • Lamb – rare, medium or well done
  • Pork – belly, shoulder or loin
  • Turkey

A “custom” cooking time option is also provided.  Enter a cooking time per 450g or lb and then press the “calculate” button to display the total cooking time.

The custom cooking time formula is:

(user supplied time x (weight in g/450)) + user supplied time

Enter Custom Cooking TimeCustom Meat Cooking Time

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Meat Cooking Times Lite – iPhone and Android

Meat Cooking Times Lite is the free version of the Meat Cooking Times application which works in the same way as the full version.  Cooking times for beef (medium style), chicken and lamb (medium style) are included in this version.  The Android version also contains advertising.

Cooking Times Details
The cooking times and recommended temperatures are derived from the following sources:


Privacy policy

The Meat Cooking Times application does not collect or store any personal data.

If you voluntarily decide to submit information via email or the contact form on this website it may be used to respond to you.  Limbo Hippo Software will never pass on your personal information to third parties.

Limbo Hippo Software may change this privacy policy by making updates to this page.